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El Corte Inglés offers its customers that reside in a country outside

the European the opportunity of an immediate VAT refund up to 15%.

Tax Free Tax Free



  • Tax refund value up to 15% on standard VAT items

  • Minimum purchase amount of 61,5€ per receipt

  • All El Corte Inglés purchases can be added to one

Tax Free invoice (higher spend, higher return)

  • In store immediate tax free at our Tax Refund Lounge

  • Valid for all purchases made in Portugal


Avoid lines at the tax refund desk in the airport

and obtain yout Tax Free the fastest

and easiest way.

Go to the Tax Refund Lounge on the 0 floor of El Corte Inglés Lisbon and

1st floor of El Corte Inglés Gaia Porto.

Tax Free Tax Free

How do you obtain a


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You can claim your tax refund cash in store, credit card and Alipay.

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UK Travellers - For Shopping Lovers UK Travellers - For Shopping Lovers


Carry out your purchases at El Corte Inglés Stores and receive your Tax Free invoice at our International Desk.

UK Travellers - For Shopping Lovers UK Travellers - For Shopping Lovers


Prior to check-in at the airport, present your completed Tax Free form, with your travel documents and purchased goods to obtain Customs approval.

Tax Free Tax Free


If you have received an in-store TAX refund, to avoid charges and a penalty, the export-validated form must be returned at the airport. Please verify rules to confirm:
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Tax Free Tax Free

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What documentation is needed to get the Tax Free refund?

You must show your passport or other identity document (Non-EU European countries) – and the receipts for the purchases made on the same day (minimum purchase amount of 61,5€).

For the VAT refund at the Global Blue Kiosk, you will have to provide your passport and credit card.

Can someone else do the Tax Free on my behalf?

No. The Tax Free must be done by you in person.

Can I ask someone else to cancel the Tax Free on my behalf?

No. Any alteration to the Tax Free invoice must be requested by you in person.

What types of payment are accepted at the store?

You can pay in Cash, Bank Cards, Union Pay, Alipay, Wechat.

If you wish to pay in foreign currency ( US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc and Yen), you can do it at the International Desk.

How do I receive the VAT return?

In cash, credit card or Alipay.

Is there a Personal Shopping Service?

El Corte Inglés offers a Personal Shopper Service, a session of personalized image consulting by our styling team, which will find the best options for each customer.

This service is available by appointment, takes around 90 minutes and costs 180€, deductible from articles of clothing you choose during the session.

For more information on this service or for appoitments, please contact:

How does the 10% Reward Card work?

The 10% Reward Card accumulates 10% of the value of your purchase and the balance can be redeemed in your subsequent purchases (check all the terms and conditions at the Store). The card is free of charge, valid for 5 days and is intended for non-resident foreigner visitors over 18 years old. It is mandatory to present Passport or ID card with photo.

Can I get the 10% Reward Card on any floor of El Corte Inglés?

Yes. You can get the 10% Reward Card on any of the floors, at the International Desk (floor 0 in Lisbon and floor 1 in Gaia Porto) or at the Tourist Information Desk (floor 0). Please ask one of our shop assistants.

On which floor can I find the International Desk?

On Floor 0 in our Lisbon Store.

On Floor 1 in our Gaia Porto Store.

Is there a Rent-a-car Service in the Store?

Yes. In the Lisbon Store, Europcar is on floor -1, and in the Gaia Porto Store, on floor -2.

Is There Wifi at El Corte Inglés?

Yes. El Corte Inglés provides free Wifi to all its customers.

Is there any place to leave the luggage?

No. El Corte Inglés does not provide any space in its stores to keep the luggage.